Lawyerly Love: Nicole Rumble & Aleksandar Jovanovic

On a Friday evening last September, Nicole Rumble and Aleksandar Jovanovic were on their way to dinner when their cab broke down at St. James Park. As they got out to hail another taxi, Aleks spotted a friend taking photos in the park. After saying hello, the friend insisted, “Let me take a picture of you two.” That was Aleks’s cue. The friend hit record on his camera and Aleks got down on one knee. Of course, Aleks planned the whole thing. (He paid the cabbie to fake the malfunction, and that “friend” was a hired hand.) “When we look at the video, I don’t even remember it happening,” says Nicole. “It was a bit of a whirlwind.”

Nicole Rumble & Aleks Jovanovic

Nicole Rumble
Age: 29
McCarthy Tetrault LLP
Business Law
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Age: 29
Torkin Manes LLP


Aleks and Nicole met six years ago in law school at Queen’s University. They were in the same small section, and had every class together. “I thought Nicole was funny, smart and pretty,” says Aleks. Nicole’s first impression was more critical. “Aleks had a very unique fashion style back then,” she jokes of his graphic Ed Hardy T-shirts. “It was a bit Jersey Shoreesque.” But his warm personality and loud laugh charmed her. They became fast friends.

“We clicked because we’re both sarcastic and like to poke fun at each other,” says Aleks, who, in second year, mustered up the courage to ask Nicole on a date. From then on, they were a couple.

After law school, they both got plum jobs in downtown Toronto. Aleks went to Torkin Manes and Nicole landed at McCarthys. The couple now lives together in an east-end loft. The pair talks on the phone every workday. And with their wedding coming up — it’s set for August at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club — there’s plenty to discuss. “Unfortunately for Aleks,” says Nicole, “now that we’re planning the wedding, there’s been a lot of communication about that.”

This story is part of our feature on Bay Street couples, from our Spring 2017 issue.




Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth, hair and makeup by Michelle Calleja

Good News From Bay Street: How PBLO and Bay Street are helping the worst off

Plenty of lawyers in the Bay Street bubble truly want to use their skills to help the less fortunate. And since 2001, Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO) has made it easy to do good by connecting big firms to those in need. And its programs have been a roaring success. Take just one recent example.

Starting in 2009 at SickKids, PBLO assembled an outfit of triage lawyers — a new breed of lawyer that offers free legal advice to families and patients. And today, they’re on-site at all five Ontario children’s hospitals. “They’re making a big difference in access to justice,” says Lynn Burns, executive director a PBLO.

All too often, she explains, sick children are from the poorest families. “So we’re bringing lawyers to their bedsides.” Still, triage lawyers (who work on-staff at PBLO) can’t do everything: some legal troubles need expert counsel. And so, some firms have stepped up, offering to take any work that triage lawyers can’t handle — which ranges from immigration to employment issues — free of charge. To date, they’ve helped more than 3,000 patients and their families.

Here’s a breakdown of which firms are on the case, and which hospitals they are helping:

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario,

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario

Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario, London
Lerners LLP, Siskinds LLP

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Toronto
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP

McMaster Children’s Hospital

McMaster Children’s Hospital, Hamilton
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, Ross & McBride LLP


SickKids, Toronto
McMillan LLP, Torkin Manes LLP, Bellissimo Law Group














Cover of the Fall 2015 Issue of PrecedentThis story is part our series on how Bay Street firms are getting better, from our Fall 2015 issue.

Precedent re-launches its exclusive legal networking website

From the day it launched five years ago, the Precedent A-List has been a go-to source for partner announcements, associate hires and job listings in the legal world.

And it still is. But it also just got way better.

“Following a six-month re-design process, our legal networking website has a fresh look, making it easier to read and navigate,” says Melissa Kluger, the publisher and editor of Precedent magazine. “And, with a new emphasis on eye-catching photography, the A-List is now more fun to browse.”

Also, given that more lawyers are reading on tablets and phones, Kluger says “the new site is designed to look great no matter what device you use.”

The made-over A-List will, of course, continue to serve up news candy for Canadian lawyers. Readers can, for example, peruse the hottest job openings at firms and in-house departments. (More than ever, in fact: since re-launching, the number of job postings on the A-List has soared by 30 percent.) And lawyers can turn to the website to find out when a firm announces a slate of new partners — or lures one from a competitor.

Norbert Knutel“But it’s important to remember that reading up on your colleagues is more than just fun,” Kluger is quick to point out. “Keeping up with the latest industry news should also be part of every lawyer’s networking and business development strategy.”

In fact, she says, reading the A-List can help lawyers find new business.

“If you see that an old law-school friend just made partner, drop them a note to congratulate them,” says Kluger. “Then, you can set up a coffee or lunch to re-connect — and that could lead to referrals down the line.”

Those sorts of well-informed gestures, she notes, can make a big difference over the course of long career.

Since the re-vamp of the A-List, several prominent firms have already posted news. Blakes announced 15 new partners and Torys has announced four new partners and four counsel. In the same period, Torkin Manes, Lerners and Howie, Sacks & Henry have used the site to trumpet new lateral hires.

And in the jobs section, the A-List has featured opportunities in business law at Miller Thomson and in litigation at WeirFoulds — plus a posting for the next general counsel at General Motors.

Every new item published on the A-List is also announced on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and in an eNewsletter sent out twice a month.

Visit the Precedent A-List at