Three ways to spice up your wardrobe this fall

Man in suit
For starters, you can step up your outerwear game

By Cameron Bryant

On Wednesday November 7th, 2018


There is a plague that currently afflicts men of the corporate class: dull clothing. On any given weekday, men in dark suits and white shirts walk down the sidewalks of Bay Street in their boring black shoes. Resist the urge to join the ranks of these uniformed men. Here are three ways to spice up your wardrobe and become a beacon of light in a field of dark-grey wool.

1. Don’t buy a black coat.

Your father might have told you to buy a knee-length black coat to wear over your suit, and this is good advice for a young man buying his first proper jacket. But it’s not helpful for anyone else. Try to spice things up with a luxe camel coat. Camel looks distinguished and expensive (even when it’s not). You can also opt for herringbone.

Outerwear is a low-risk way to up your fashion game. You might need to wear a conservative suit to a client meeting, but you should feel free to push the envelope on the street.

Bonus tip: You could push your colour boundaries even further with a rich green or plum. I once saw an orange coat at a Madrid Zara that I still regret not stuffing into my carry-on.

2. Tailor your suits.

Nothing looks as unprofessional as an ill-fitting suit. Tailoring is essential. Most expensive chain stores (like Harry Rosen) will tailor a new suit at no additional cost. But if you opt for a less expensive suit elsewhere, you should spend a little bit of money at a proper tailor to elevate the suit.

I’d suggest meeting with a tailor and developing a good relationship. They’re there to make you look like the most powerful lawyer in your office.

Bonus tip: Talk to your tailor about making the sleeves on your suit jacket a bit shorter than the norm. This will allow you to flash your shirt cuffs a little more, a small sartorial detail that people in the know will notice.

3. Buy a new gym bag.

So you’ve finally committed to hitting the gym on the regular. Congratulations! Problem is, you keep carrying your gym clothes and protein shake around in the free bag you got seven years ago when you first joined your gym. And it’s dragging down the look you’re trying to create.

Allow me to suggest an alternative. Fred Perry’s sleek black-and-white bag will make you look like a boxer from another era. A top-notch gym bag can go anywhere with you: to the office, to post-work drinks or to a dinner date.

Bonus tip: You can also make a seriously preppy statement with a duffel bag from Ralph Lauren. But make sure to avoid a bag that’s emblazoned with one monstrous logo.

Cameron BryantCameron Bryant is a lawyer and lease negotiator with Cirrus Consulting Group.




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