Winter is coming // The Docket

Don’t hide inside when the temperature dips — take on the chill with these snowy-season essentials

By Carla Warrilow

On Tuesday December 17th, 2013



That’s the spirit
Forget waiting for après-ski, you’ve just endured a 15-below commute home through the dark, navigating roads that were more like ice rinks. You deserve a little something extra in your hot chocolate. And with Izola’s stainless steel flasks? No judgment. The three- and five-ounce flasks can inject some cheer into the season with tongue-in-cheek engravings. Our personal favourite: “May you never go to hell but always be on your way.” $24 and $27.


Spot in stripes

Yeah, we know. We’re a little dubious about dogs in sweaters ourselves. But if your pooch needs the extra warmth, you may as well turn to a Canadian classic. Dress your dog in the iconic stripes of HBC’s Woof Dog Sweater, a machine-washable slip-on knit top with sleeves, a turtleneck collar and an opening for a leash. Guaranteed to draw some extra attention at the dog park (for you and your pup). $55.



Go fish
Can you really call yourself a Canadian if you’ve never spent a weekend in a tiny wooden shack with a line through the ice, hoping for a bite? OK, maybe that’s pushing it, but ice fishing is the new tobogganing, and your tackle box isn’t really complete without the Rapala Snap Rap, a lure designed for reeling in walleye. The secret to its success is a winged tail that makes the lure dart fast when you snap your rod, then glide realistically back down to the bottom. This time, you’ll come home with the big one. $13.

Get the message
On those cold, blustery days when downtown streets become veritable wind tunnels, the last thing you want to do is expose your hands just to grab your phone to text that you’ll be late for lunch. Luckily, these new unisex leather touchscreen gloves from Mujjo mimic the conductive properties of human skin, giving you complete control of your phone no matter what the wind chill. They’re wool-lined and handcrafted from Ethiopian lambskin leather, for a look that’s just as fashion-forward as it is tech-friendly. Text on, friends. $185, plus overseas shipping.



Hands on
Whether you’re hitting the cross-country trails or just shovelling the driveway, keep your digits nimble with the sleek Zippo hand warmer. The pocket-sized gadget stays hot for 12 hours, comes with a two-year warranty and is easy to reuse — just refill with lighter fluid. Available in matte black or high-polish chrome, it’s a stylish way to keep your hands happy on those long days outside. Your move, Jack Frost. $20.


Walk it off
If you still picture tennis rackets when someone says snowshoes, allow us to introduce you to the Atlas Aspect. These award-winning snowshoes are ultra lightweight (less than 2 kg) and they fit on almost any boot, from Sorels to Sportivas. The spring-loaded suspension absorbs impact, while spikes help you stick to slick surfaces and curved heel-lifts give your calves a break on the uphills. That’s some high-tech hiking. $246.