Winter wonderland cont’d // Style & Error

Look stylish and stay warm all at the same time

By Terry Chan

On Thursday October 16th, 2008


Carrying on with last week’s theme of winter style choices, and because I’m not going to experience any kind of real winter here in London, I thought I’d share a few more items to add to your winter wish-list. Moncler Puffer

Most people have owned a puffer jacket once in their lives. Whether it was a puffer jacket you wore proudly is another thing. No longer are they reserved for shovelling the driveway or running errands in your car, a stylish puffer is no longer an oxymoron. During a ski trip in Italy last year, super stylish Moncler puffers could be seen on men and women everywhere. They will soon be more prevalent in North America when the company opens its first store stateside in Aspen this November. My favourite styles for women are the longer lengths with cinched waists. This year, Canadian success story, Mackage, also has a line of “puffys” that are similarly styled. It almost makes a girl miss real winters…almost.

Smoking mittensNot that I’m a proponent of smoking, but you just can’t help but feel a bit sorry for this group in the dead of winter when you see them huddled in the doorways of restaurants, bars and office buildings smoking as fast as humanly possible. It’s a good thing then that this year, your favourite smoker and mine will be receiving smoking mittens for the holidays.

While not exactly on my winter wish-list, it might be on yours. As a tribute to your impeccable ninth grade style, why not pick up alite-bright Patagonia fleece when Urban Outfitters revives this ’80s classic sometime in mid-October.

The authorTerry Chan is a Canadian lawyer practicing finance law in London. She writes every Friday on style and fashion, perfectly aware that the next big thing is not looking like a lawyer.