Christmas wish list // Style & Error

This year's must-have items

By Precedent

On Friday December 14th, 2007


Dear Santa Baby,

This is Fashionista’s Christmas wish list. Bring it to her.kfc

1.  T3 Tourmaline Blow Dryer. Yes, I asked for this last year. No, I didn’t get it then either. As it claims to cut drying time in half, I must have it!

2.  Gift certificate for haircut and highlights at Toni & Guy. The haircuts I can manage. The highlights get a little pricey every 6-10 weeks.

3.  Fidelity Denim Jeans.  They are the new Sevens. Everyone is wearing them. Although for some reason they are also choosing to advertise that Rachael Ray wears them. And if her ass fits into them, yours (and mine) definitely will!Blue Ring

4.  Something from Sephora. Anything. I love it too much. Ok, maybe not a lip plumper; I need that like I need an ass plumper.

5.  Lululemon Snow Day Puffy Coat.  For those long walks with my Bugaboo!

6.  KFC Boneless Wings. I love me some KFC. They’re saucy! So saucy! (See how conscientious I am? Something for all price points.)

7.  Swarovski Chic Blue Cocktail Ring.  Okay, so I have nowhere to wear it in the immediate future. But I might! Some day!

I wish you get everything your little fashionable hearts desire as well!

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