The Precedent Innovation Awards

Precedent is pleased to announce the launch of the 2022 Precedent Innovation Awards.

Innovation is an easy buzzword to toss around. We’ve all seen the press releases that make lofty statements about disruption in the legal market, but it can be hard to distinguish the true innovators.

That’s what the Innovation Awards are all about. We want to cut through the noise and identify the profession’s genuine pioneers.

We’re looking for the lawyers and law firms who have upended the status quo — to better serve clients, to improve the legal workplace or to help the public access justice. For instance, has your firm spearheaded an initiative that truly increases diversity? Have you streamlined a type of legal work that, historically, has been complex and expensive? Or maybe you’ve found a way to better represent marginalized communities?

In short, if you’ve implemented an original initiative that makes the profession better, we want to hear from you.

You can learn more about the latest winners here.


To be eligible for this award, you must:

  • Be a Toronto lawyer or law firm.
  • Have an active legal practice.


  • Precedent seeks to recognize lawyers that reflect the diversity of the profession and strongly encourages lawyers from diverse backgrounds and experiences to submit an application.

Application Process:

  • To be considered for the award, please submit an application as outlined below. We have developed a series of questions that will help determine how your innovation has had a positive impact on the legal profession.
  • The deadline for submissions is May 4, 2022.

Selection Process:

  • The applications will be judged by Precedent Magazine’s team of editors.
  • Our decision is final. There is no right of appeal.

The Fine Print:

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete.
  • Please note that none of the application materials will be returned and remain strictly confidential, to be seen only by the editors of Precedent Magazine.
  • We will profile the winners in the Winter 2022 Issue of Precedent Magazine.

Application Package:

First, fill in this cover sheet.

Then, in no more than four, double-spaced pages, please answer the following questions about the innovation initiative you have launched.

  1. Before you launched your initiative, what problem did you identify?
  2. How does your initiative solve this problem?
  3. What makes your solution unique?
  4. How has it improved the health of the legal profession?
  5. Who spearheaded the initiative?
  6. What evidence have you collected to prove that the initiative was a success?
  7. Do you have clients who would be willing to speak on the record about how your innovation has been helpful?

If you have supporting documentation — data, marketing materials, testimonials, reports, website links — you are welcome to attach those to your application. Please do not include more than five pages of supporting materials.

Please return your completed application package to:

For further information, please contact Daniel Fish at or (416) 929-4495.