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The Precedent guide to awesome stuff you should buy this season
The Precedent guide to awesome stuff you should buy this season


Sushi surprise
There’s something a little fishy about this sushi, but not in the way you might think. Jessica Schwartz’s Sushi Sweets are made entirely from candy and come with mock wasabi, soy sauce and ginger confectionary sides. Deliciously deceptive, the sushi is made of a Rice Krispie base topped with fondant or chocolate in traditional Makizushi (rolled sushi) or Nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi) designs. Bento boxes are $12 and platters range from $30 to $80.

The pen is mightier
A good pen is a necessity, so why not make it both functional and stylish? Don’t settle for a boring Bic when you can choose a pen that’s all about elegance and taste. The Waterman Charleston with its Art Deco design looks fantastic. Plus, your client will be sure to think of you fondly when it’s used to sign your next cheque. The fountain pen is priced at $210, the roller ball at $160 and the ballpoint at $130.



Light Read
The Kobo Glo is the latest offering in the Kobo e-reader family and is specially designed to allow you to read clearly both day and night. The new ComfortLight feature illuminates the page without glare; perfect for surreptitiously rereading 50 Shades of Grey under the covers or delving into something more substantial and less embarrassing on an overnight flight. The Glo has a soft-touch quilted back and comes in a variety of colours, leaving you to decide if your assistant is a “Black Night,” “Silver Star” or “Pink Sunset.” $130.

Food, glorious food
The holidays are a time for goodwill and good food; just ask Ebenezer Scrooge — post moral epiphany, of course. What better way to show your appreciation than with a basket full of tasty treats? Whole Foods Market does a particularly delish line of luxury gift baskets. Starting at $75, baskets can be selected from a catalogue or custom built. For savoury lovers, The Elegant Entertainer ($150) contains a bounty of oils, vinegars, artisan crackers and tapenade. The Party Pleaser ($100) and whopping Deluxe version ($140) are veritable cheese fests, and are perfect for sharing. Maybe bigger really is better.



Bubbly, anyone?
If your spouse loves H2O with a bit of fizz but is fed up with hauling cases of San Pellegrino, check out the Soda Stream — it transforms regular old tap water into bubbly drinks. Whip up bottles in advance and put them in the fridge for everyday drinking or use flavoured syrups to make guests homemade cola, or tonic for custom G&Ts. Check out the company’s new Yves Béhar-designed Source, which comes in four colours to match any stylin’ countertop and sells for $190 at The Bay.

Sound Savvy
Impress your plugged-in, jet setting loved one with a slick, portable audio system that sounds like the real deal. The Geneva Sound System XS combines three amplified speakers, an FM radio and an alarm clock in a compact clamshell case (in artful red, white or black) and will fit in a carry-on. Blast tunes from anywhere wirelessly using Bluetooth-enabled devices or connect with a cable. Its rechargeable lithium battery lasts five hours, so the music will surely play on. Let’s just hope you share a similar taste in music. $250.