Rain or shine

The inside story of how we took beautiful photography at the height of the pandemic
Melissa Kluger

Welcome to the magazine’s annual Precedent Setter Awards edition. We’re proud to recognize a new batch of six outstanding lawyers in their first 10 years of practice. We not only wrote profiles of each winner, but we also managed to take their pictures. In any given year, getting six busy lawyers together on the same day for a photo shoot is a mighty logistical challenge. This year, with strict COVID protocols in place, we faced many extra hurdles.

The photo shoot took place in late March at a west-end Toronto studio. Five of the winners were photographed inside and one outside. Our amazing team ensured that everyone was safe and comfortable. Oh, and did I mention the forecast called for rain? All day?

Normally, I attend the photo shoot, which gives me the opportunity to hang around and chat with each winner. This year, to limit the number of people in the room, I stayed home. One of our art directors, Rachel Wine, was on set. Afterward, we had the following exchange about the somewhat wild outdoor portion of the photo shoot.

Me: So was it raining when everyone arrived?
Rachel: There was a light drizzle when we arrived. It only started to really rain once it was time to shoot.
Me: How did you pull it off in such lousy weather?
Rachel: Honestly, it was a bit chaotic at the start. The backdrop we were using kept getting caught in the wind and knocking me over. We had a hard time keeping the camera in focus. And we were juggling umbrellas to keep the equipment and the subject dry. It wasn’t a cute scene.

That might sound like a stressful day, but Rachel never loses her enthusiasm for the job. She brings energy, patience and creativity to each new challenge. I’m so grateful to her and the many talented people who show up on set to make sure Precedent continues to capture gorgeous photos, even if it’s a bit chaotic behind the scenes. Thank you.

And thank you to all our winners. I’m amazed by your work to improve your practices, your communities and the law itself. You inspire me — and I know you will inspire our readers at a time when we could all use a ray of hope.

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Melissa Kluger
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This is a story from our Summer 2021 Issue.