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Where to buy cheap office wall art

Three cheap and cheerful options for upgrading your workspace
Three cheap and cheerful options for upgrading your workspace

Pop quiz! Which of the following do you have on your office wall?

a) Your law degree and certificates from the Law Society

b) A signed Leafs jersey

c) Two weird oil paintings of nature scenes

d) Nothing at all

e) None of the above

If you answered a), b), c), or d), it’s probably time for an office upgrade. The sad reality is, you likely spend more time in your office than you do in your living room.

Just because you don’t have Alicia Florrick’s “decorating budget,” or a corner office the size of a Toronto condo, doesn’t mean you should leave those walls bare (or boring). Why not make your workspace an inviting place to spend time, something reflective of your personality? Might as well get cozy — you’re going to be there awhile!

You might be balking at the idea of spending your hard-earned money on your place of work. I feel you.

The answer? Get creative. Here are three budget-friendly ideas to help make your office the envy of all your colleagues:


Gray MalinGray Malin wrapping paper
Malin’s gorgeous, vacation-themed photo prints cost hundreds, but the photographer’s wrapping paper is only $16 a roll. Behind a frame, no one will notice the difference. (They haven’t in my office so far.) 


Marimekko EQ3Marimekko napkins
That iconic floral Marimekko pattern is a design-world favourite. Make your own print by ironing the creases out of the paper napkin version ($5 for 20) and throwing it behind glass. 



MoMA Sheaf MatisseMoMA prints
Where else can you pick up a Matisse for under $100? Show off your love of the classics without committing to the pricey life of an art buyer. Get this 32×32 print of The Sheaf for only $85 US. 



Emma Gregg Emma Gregg is in-house counsel at Travelers Canada, and
Precedent’s design columnist. Read more of her tips for DIY decor.




This story is from our Spring 2015 issue.