Six ideas for any party gift

Highly covetable gifts that will get you invited to the next party
Highly covetable gifts that will get you invited to the next party


Rose Gin 

Rose-filled glasses
If a rose is a symbol of love, then giving your host a bottle of rose gin is probably the most loving you can be this holiday. It’s less obvious than wine, but still a safe bet; this easy-sipping liqueur is delicious enough to convert even the staunchest gin-hater. $50.




Nadege MacaronsPeru and me
As if the adorable macarons from Nadège weren’t already irresistible, the beloved Toronto bakery has gone and made its best flavour yet. The Illanka collection is made from a rare Peruvian chocolate, to which Nadège has the exclusive rights in Canada. Save this gift for the host who brings out the good bottles. $30 for 12.




Jessie Ware 

Now hear this 
If you want to take a more hands-on approach to your party music than throwing on Songza for the night, we recommend you give Jessie Ware’s latest album a spin. The soulful U.K. crooner returns with a sophomore record that delivers sophisticated pop well suited to candlelight and red wine. If you’re into that sort of thing. $13 on iTunes. 



SECO Marble Plate

Plate to the party
Half the fun of hosting a holiday party is having a reason to bust out those beautiful serving dishes that otherwise collect dust in your top cupboard. Feel free to add the SECO marble board to your collection — the perfect piece for elevating your party cheeses (literally). $45. 





New flame 
We have no idea what a goji berry looks like and we’ve never even heard of a tarocco orange before, but we can tell you this candle from Voluspa smells divine. And after an evening of back-to-back client parties, it’s those little touches that make all the difference. $24.


 Bellwoods Brewery

Spreading holiday beer
If you like to reach for a cold one to unwind on the nights when you’re not required to socialize, check out the latest small batch from Bellwoods Brewery. Their special brews go fast, and for good reason — they’re damn tasty. Pick up the dark, hoppy Gotham if you can get there quick enough. Better take the Batmobile. $6.50 per bottle.