The winter 2013 issue of Precedent Magazine

The Law Society looks into discrimination in the legal profession
At a time when private practice jobs are harder to come by, in-house counsel positions are on the rise. Sure, you may take a pay cut, but what you lose in cash, you make up for in just about everything else
A look at in-house counsel by the numbers
To really make it in-house, you have to be part lawyer and part businessperson. That means you have to talk the talk
While most chief executives rise from the ranks of finance or operations, a growing number of top bosses once acted as their company’s general counsel. Here are six North American leaders who made the leap
Jacqueline Moss, executive vice-president of human resources at CIBC, shares how she made the leap from Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP to in-house in (and on top of) the corporate world
Is this seat taken? Whether you’re making the leap from private practice or climbing the ranks within your company, in-house opportunities are on the rise. Find a spot that’s right for you and make it yours