The spring 2010 issue of Precedent Magazine

We asked lawyers gathered at the Queen and Beaver Public House for a Young Advocates’ Pub Night this question: "What’s your dream job? (Besides being a lawyer, of course!)"
Human rights lawyer Jayne Stoyles is at the helm of a feisty non-profit that seeks to bring international war criminals to justice in Canada
The failure of our federal courts to enforce climate change laws puts us all in danger. Meanwhile, American courts have no trouble getting tough on environmental offenders
Here Precedent outlines eight career-limiting moves. Take heed — or risk a life circling the partnership track, a licence suspension or jail time

As the economy snails along, some firms are still looking for reasons to slash a few not-so-good men and women from their ranks. Afraid you could be next? Stop sending your mom so many emails from work (can’t you come up with your own dinner idea?), do something about the dandruff and quit playing the office gossip