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Jessica Sickinger, Lawyer, Feature
Determined to take on more complicated cases, Jessica Sickinger enrolled in the Osgoode Professional LLM

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On Tuesday March 3rd, 2020

Jessica Sickinger

Jessica Sickinger
Lawyer at Goldglass Sickinger
Osgoode LLM: Criminal Law and Procedure, 2019
Year of call: 2005

In 2017, Jessica Sickinger was ready to take her career to the next level. After 12 years in criminal defence, she’d built a solid practice, but had a desire to take on the most serious, complicated cases. As she puts it: “I wanted to move up a bit in the world.”

To make that happen, she enrolled in the criminal law and procedure specialization of the Osgoode Professional LLM, a rigorous graduate program that she could complete on a part-time basis. In the classroom, she found a refreshing diversity of perspectives. Instead of being surrounded solely by defence lawyers, she learned alongside prosecutors, police officers and judges. This offered an invaluable window into how other actors in the justice system think.

Through coursework, Sickinger honed her legal skill set, in both research and written advocacy. “It was super helpful to stretch my brain,” she says. “The material was also interesting.”

The program has had a real-world impact on her practice. “I’ve started to take on more appellate work,” she says. “I can’t think of anything else I could’ve done that would’ve been as helpful to my career.”



Fast facts about the Osgoode Professional LLM

1. Flexible: The program is designed for professionals. Evening and weekend classes let you earn a degree while working.

2. Specialized: Dive deep into one of 14 areas of specialization, including tax, securities, constitutional, criminal, constitutional, business, and dispute resolution.

3. Rigorous: Throughout the program, you’ll complete detailed papers on a complex area of law, honing your legal writing and analytical skills.

Osgoode’s Professional LLM is designed with the working lawyer in mind. To learn more, visit the program’s website or call (416) 673-4670.

This story is from our Spring 2020 Issue.