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Hitting home runs both at the office and out in the field

By Precedent

On Thursday June 2nd, 2011


Dan Giantsopoulos
Blaney McMurtry LLP

Dan Giantsopoulos’s turning point came after watching his son Angelo’s baseball team lose 18 of 19 games in the season. A competitive player in his youth, Dan volunteered to coach the Triple-A team, Richmond Hill Phoenix.

He recruited players, tripled practices and got more games. The Phoenix’s record the following season: 31 wins, 19 losses.

Angelo says his dad has improved over the years, thanks to the coaching clinics and reading he does about skills and technique. He’s known as a passionate coach. “What are you waiting for? An invitation?” he’ll often yell to send a player to the next base.

Juggling coaching with his work as a corporate/commercial lawyer at Blaney McMurty can get hairy. Last season when he was organizing a provincial tournament, and closing a major corporate deal, he was averaging three hours of sleep a night for nearly a month.

Dan’s wife Eva and daughter Elaine, 8, are the team’s biggest cheerleaders, never missing a game. So Dan’s real reason for taking the post, to spend more time with his family, is really paying off.

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Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth