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Lyla Simon loves a good fight

By Jennifer Marston

On Wednesday December 5th, 2012


Lyla Simon
Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada 

When she’s not prosecuting misconduct on behalf of investors, enforcement counsel Lyla Simon still likes a good fight. Nights and weekends, she serves as an official for Boxing Ontario amateur matches across the province.

Simon trained and sparred as a teenager and rejoined the sport as a judge and referee years later when a boxing coach encouraged her. It’s a high-pressure gig that involves calling a match if she feels a competitor is in danger. She makes split-second decisions that balance fairness and safety — and sticks to them. “It’s a bit like lawyering,” says Simon. “It’s not worthwhile second-guessing once the call’s been made.”

Her sport shares other similarities with her job: “In both realms I think a lot about rules and about strategy. And about being in the right place at the right time.”

And what keeps her coming back, despite the long hours and late nights ringside, is the sense of community among the athletes, coaches and other officials. “It really is like a family.”

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Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth