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DOJ lawyer Nick Devlin is back from Antarctica.

By Precedent

On Monday March 9th, 2009


“It’s a bit like going to the moon,” explains Nick Devlin about his recent trip to Antarctica. “The journey is arduous, but when you get there you’re on another planet.”

The federal prosecutor took part in a photography expedition that sailed from the tip of Argentina to the Antarctic in January. The 50-hour stomach-turning voyage through the Drake Passage was well worth it. Since the sun didn’t set until after midnight and was up again by 3 a.m., the photographers had ample time to capture the dramatic landscape. “It really separates you from thinking about work,” says Devlin, who returned to a busy caseload, including three Supreme Court leave applications. “You are truly alone in the wilderness.”






See Nick’s spectacular Antarctic photos:

Photography by Liam Sharp