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There are big and exciting changes afoot at Precedent
There are big and exciting changes afoot at Precedent

A-ListAs Precedent marks its third anniversary with this issue, we are embarking on a new project. Come the end of September, we’ll be adding something new to our roster of products. I am pleased to tell you that we are about to launch the Precedent A-List, your go-to website for career announcements and job opportunities, exclusively for lawyers.

Based on our ever-growing knowledge of the legal community and our understanding of what lawyers want from a legal magazine, the A-List brings you information you won’t find anywhere else about your colleagues and your community. It’s where you’ll find out the latest on who’s made a move, made partner, gone in-house, published a book or been appointed to the bench. It will also be the quick, easy and searchable way to make your next career move — with up-to-date listings from law firms, legal recruiters, corporations and the public sector.

A-ListMany lawyers have told us it was about time the legal community had a simple and affordable way to share news. When we pitched the idea and tested the site in its pre-launch phase, we got great feedback telling us we were on the mark. People were also generous with suggestions of things to add or tweak on the site. And we listened, quickly incorporating many of their great ideas into the project. Putting together a website like this has been a rewarding challenge, and I can’t wait for you to see the result.

The site goes live September 30. For launch notifications and to get the latest A-List news delivered to your inbox, sign up now at

This issue of Precedent has plenty of great community news and exclusive insider info. On page 35, you’ll find our second annual Anti-RankingPrecedent’s unscientific evaluation of life inside some of Bay Street’s biggest firms. Four months ago we sent a survey to the Toronto firms that hire the largest number of students. We asked all sorts of questions. You can see the results in this issue. You’ll find out which firms have established interesting new practice areas, who’s raising money for charity, which firms publish the most books and who plays (and wins) what sports. Thank you to all the firms who participated in the survey. And get ready: we’ve already begun our research for next year.






Melissa Kluger
Publisher & Editor