Lawerly Love: The romantic backstories of three Bay Street couples

It’s no surprise that lawyers fall in love with each other. Both law school and the workplace are big parts of the dating game. Once you throw long hours and high stress into the mix, hookups are bound to take place. And what might start out as an office fling can turn into a legit relationship.

Meet three lawyer couples and find out how they fell for each other in the first place:








This story is from our Spring 2017 issue.




Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth, hair and makeup by Michelle Calleja

Lawyerly Love: Elisabeth Patrick & Ian Mitchell

When Ian Mitchell and Elisabeth Patrick started dating in 2007, no one was surprised to see the two WeirFoulds lawyers get together. “When I told a coworker,” Ian recalls, “he said, ‘It’s good you two figured it out. We thought we were going to have to tell you.’” The couple was also carrying on a proud firm tradition. “Back then,” says Elisabeth, “there were a lot of inter-firm relationships.”

The pair had worked together at WeirFoulds since 2004, when Ian was a first-year associate and Elisabeth was an articling student. Over the span of three years, they became great friends. Ian developed a crush and wanted to ask Elisabeth out. But, he points out, “She had to get rid of her boyfriend first.”

Elisabeth Patrick & Ian Mitchell

Elisabeth Patrick
Age: 36
TD Bank
Office of the Group Head and
Chief General Counsel
Ian Mitchell
Age: 39
WeirFoulds LLP
Corporate Securities


In 2007, she did. Their first date was at the ROM. “From the beginning, Ian’s been the first person I’ve wanted to tell everything to,” says Elisabeth.

“Whether it’s exciting or terrible news.” Two years after that first date, they got married.

Elisabeth now works in-house at TD Bank, but the two still work in the same building. That has its perks. They drive to work together almost every morning. “It’s also great for days when I forget my keys or there’s things to pick up,” says Elisabeth. “It’s perfect for household management.”

These days, they’re busy parents of a two-year-old son, Luke. “Back when we were associates, it was normal for both of us to work until 9 at night,” says Ian. “Now, one of us has to leave the office by 6 to pick up Luke from daycare.” It’s a good thing daycare is just across the street from their office building.

So who declared “I love you” first? “I don’t know the answer,” says Ian. “That’s terrible. I think having a child erases part of your memory.”

This story is part of our feature on Bay Street couples, from our Spring 2017 issue.




Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth, hair and makeup by Michelle Calleja