What was your first concert? // The Circuit

Jordan asks lawyers and guests at the 15th annual AIDSbeat benefit concert for CANFAR about their inaugural live music experiences.

By Jordan Nahmias

On Thursday December 16th, 2010


What: AIDSbeat, 15th annual benefit concert for CANFAR, with British mods and roller derby girls
Where: Kool Haus
When: October 15, 2010
Question: What was your first concert?

circuit“New Kids on the Block — every 11-year-old girl’s dream! Sadly, I was a nine-year-old boy.”
— Joseph Hillier, Ogilvy Renault LLP

“Radiohead touring for The Bends.”
— Heidi Reinhart, Ogilvy Renault LLP

“New Kids on the Block. My mom was my date.”
— Leila Rafi, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

“Vanilla Ice with my dad. He was shocked that I knew all the words to Ice, Ice Baby. I still do.”
— John Hurley, LL.B.

circuit“Bryan Adams. I had (still have) a massive crush on him.”
— Amanda Lang, CBC News Reporter and Host/AIDSbeat Judge

“My sister and I saw Bryan Adams in Winnipeg when we were 14. I make no apologies, he remains a favourite — and we still see him together whenever he is in town.”
— Adrian Lang, Stikeman Elliott LLP

circuit“Jeff Buckley. His cover of Hallelujah sent chills down my spine.”
— Ian Cummins, Cabinet Office, Ontario Government

“Katrina and the Waves. It was hard to see over all the hair.”
— Carla Nassar, Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP

circuit“Green Day. I wore my overpriced concert tee to school the next day!”
— Katie Beeston, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP/ AIDSbeat Committee

“The Beatles in 1964. I was six and could barely hear over the screaming.”
— Jake Gold, Canadian Idol Judge & Music Executive/AIDSbeat Judge

“Soundgarden. I was 13 and my dad was thrilled I’d outgrown Kris Kross, so he bought the tickets.”
— Lauren Tomasich, Osler /AIDSbeat Committee