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A great pair of eyeglasses can speak volumes about your personality. Which one speaks for you?

By Braden Alexander

On Tuesday March 11th, 2014


$415 | Women’s

The bookworm frames

While these cat-eye specs look decidedly bookish from the front, the playful hints of teal on the inside rim suggest you’re maybe not all business all the time. (No, really! Sometimes you read things just for fun!) The Bella glasses by Sama manage to bridge both worlds.
Josephson Opticians, 181 Bay St.


$470 | Men’s

The Nostalgic frames These badass Miles frames by Vinylize are made out of old vinyl records (the first series, from vinyl found in Budapest flea markets) and they come with the grooves still intact. Highly recommended for the lawyer-slash-rockstars out there — even if you’re only trashing hotel rooms in spirit.
Karir Eyewear, First Canadian Place


$95 | Unisex

The party animal framesAfter pretty much single-handedly bringing back thick-rimmed glasses, Toronto’s Dan Levy launched his own line of frames last year, D.L. Eyewear. We’re partial to these Whitehall specs in something called “honey tortoise” for a more adventurous take on the black version Levy made ubiquitous.


$410 | Unisex

The Daredevil framesLooking for something a bit more personal? The eponymous line from Toronto’s own Karir Eyewear lets you choose the frame, size, finish, materials and colour combination, and then ships you your customized pair from Germany four weeks later. Das ist gut.
Karir Eyewear, First Canadian Place


$450 | Unisex

The Standout framesNot everyone is going to be able to pull off these frames from Theo. But those who do will definitely be remembered. Round frames like these James 6 specs tend to suit oval faces, but we applaud anyone with the gumption to give ’em a go.
Spectacle, 752 Queen St. West


$910 | Unisex

The Ivy Leaguer framesIf you’re ready to step up a price point (or five) for some particularly well-crafted eyeglasses, try these Oxford frames by Leisure Society. They’re handmade in Japan and surprisingly understated for a pair of glasses plated with 24k gold.
Spectacle, the Distillery District


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