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Naomi Loewith, 3 children and puppy
One month into the pandemic, Naomi Loewith’s family welcomed an energetic pet into their home

By Danielle Groen

On Tuesday September 8th, 2020


Naomi LoewithThe cockapoo — two pounds, eight weeks old, pure black and cloud-fluffy — arrived in mid-April on a mission: to bring joy to a family under lockdown. “My husband and I had talked about getting a puppy for ages,” says Naomi Loewith, legal counsel and director of strategic partnerships at the litigation funder Omni Bridgeway. “But he’s a lawyer as well, and we were cautious about the time commitment to train one.” Then the pandemic hit and she figured, well, they had the time; her three sons, ages five, seven and nine, could also do with a bit of playful distraction.

The puppy, named Jack, has been happy to oblige. The four have even devised a system for sharing Lego: the boys reach for the smaller pieces, the better for building, while Jack sticks to the larger pieces, the better for gnawing. “Jack’s something happy for us to focus on,” says Loewith. “He lets us be in the moment.”


This is a story from our Fall 2020 Issue.

Photo by Brendan George Ko