Transit-to-work sneaker perfection // Style & Error

Don't sway and topple while in transit. Check out these sneakers to keep you looking cool and comfortable

By Terry Chan

On Friday November 28th, 2008


1981. A good year. Notable 1981 events include the introduction of the first IBM PC and the appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor as the first woman to the US Supreme Court. Also: the year that the perfect transit-to-work sneaker first debuted. Meet the Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Ultimate 81.

The Ultimate 81 came on the scene as a technical running shoe with a focus on heel stability and lightness. What makes it such a perfect transit shoe? It’s sporty enough to be comfortable, streamlined enough to go decently with skirts, and, most importantly, the array of fun colours makes it just plain cool.  

If you can get your hands on the Rainbow/Pink pair (centre), you’re lucky – I’ve been looking for weeks.

The Ultimate 81 is also a great pick for a classic sneaker for men. So, if your boyfriend/husband/partner/any other guy you are seen in public with still wears Skechers – please pick up a pair for him ASAP.

Terry Chan is a Canadian lawyer practicing finance law in London. She writes every Friday on style and fashion, perfectly aware that the next big thing is not looking like a lawyer.