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How to look fashionable when hiding behind metal frames

By Terry Chan

On Friday October 3rd, 2008


 According to Monocle magazine, eyewear says more about you than your shoes. All the coverage on Sarah Palin’s rimless eyeglasses earlier in the month, got me to thinking. If the rimless style (designed by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki) is the hot look for hockey moms everywhere, what’s cool for the rest of you? I say you because I am lucky enough not to have to wear glasses. And, I would never think to trivialize the frustrations of my far-sighted and nearsighted friends by wearing fake glasses just for the sake of fashion. Okay, maybe the thought has crossed my mind more than a few times. But generally this is only when I see people wearing those rectangular Chanel glasses with the really cute crystal encrusted Cs on the side.

I know many of you wear contact lenses as often as you possibly can but now is as good a time as any to take a break from those dailies and sport a smart new pair of glasses. The latest geek chic styles, including horn-rimmed, brow-rimmed and titanium can completely change your look, for the better (See Chloe Sevigny above).

Riley 48 by Oliver Peoples






Starling by Oliver Peoples







NDG by Oliver Peoples






Since wearing glasses draws attention to the eyes, the Mail on Sunday has some great tips on prepping the rest of your face for the donning of specs. Essentially, a certain amount of eye make-up is important to make your eyes pop behind the lenses and brows should be especially groomed. 

The authorTerry Chan is a Canadian lawyer practicing finance law in London. She writes every Friday on style and fashion, perfectly aware that the next big thing is not looking like a lawyer.