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What men need to know when travelling for biz

By Precedent

On Wednesday December 18th, 2013


Many guys have a common problem when they pack their suitcase — or suit bag — for the road. “They don’t know the art of packing items that will go together. They tend to think in single outfits,” says Melissa Austria, founder of Toronto retailer Gotstyle. To make the most out of every (fabulous-looking) piece you pack, follow her tips:


Go for a suit in a textured fabric (try flannel or tweed). Then the jacket can double as a sport coat paired with jeans for casual breakfast meetings. The right suit should cover you for three days — for longer trips bring a backup.


Take a sweater or a fitted cardigan. Pair this with your suit pants (it’ll fly with your textured fabrics) for dinner events. You can’t miss with something in navy.



Pack dark-wash jeans to pair with your sport coat and sweater. Not too baggy, and no dad jeans.



Whatever you bring, go for high-quality fabrics that resist wrinkling. If you’re using a suitcase, turn clothes inside out and roll to pack.


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