How to green your office

Can you save the planet while you work? These innovative eco-ideas for the office will help you breathe a little easier

By Katherine Magee

On Friday October 19th, 2007


Voltaic Messenger Bag
The Bay ($229)
Forgot to charge your laptop? Plug it in during your walk to work and charge it up with the solar panels on Voltaic’s messenger bags and backpacks.


Artecnica Glass Vase
Swipe (401 Richmond Street West, Toronto) ($80)
Add eco-friendly design to your office with Artecnica vases and carafes made from recycled wine bottles and crafted by Guatemalan artisans.


Plant (Aglaonema)
Various locations (starting from $5)
Detox your office environment by adding a plant known for its air-purifying properties. A spider plant, philodendron, English ivy, or peace lily all qualify — and they aren’t picky about how much light they get.


SolioSolio Charger ($100)
Next time your BlackBerry runs down, let the sun recharge it. The Solio charger powers any handheld device. Choose from black, white, silver, or very pink.


Motherboard business card holders ($25)
Who knew that recycled circuit boards could look this good? Do your bit to reduce cyberjunk with these stylish motherboard business card holders.


Goodkind Wood Pens ($5 – $14)
Make the move away from disposable. Goodkind refillable pens are made from sustainably-harvested wood and feature non-toxic ink cartridges.


paper crane100% Recycled Paper
($10 – $29/ream)
Until the paperless office becomes reality, look for paper made from post-consumer fibre and without harmful chlorine bleach.

Herman Miller Mirra Chair


Herman Miller Mirra Chair
Call 416-366-3300 to make an appointment at the National Design Centre
(Starting from $719)
Designed for comfort and made from recycled materials, the sexy and sleek Mirra Chair is also 96 percent recyclable at the end of its life.


Katherine Magee is founder of, providing practical solutions to make it easier for busy Canadians to live a greener life. For more ideas on making your office eco-friendly, visit or send an e-mail.