How to go places

Let us help you pack your bags

By Precedent

On Tuesday May 26th, 2009


Summer is here and pandemics be damned, you have places to go. Precedent helps you pack light and stylish

If you liked it then you shoulda’ put a tag on it. Seriously — everyone needs luggage tags

to avoid the dreaded nightmare of lost luggage. These ones are bright, cheery, and hail from Toronto’s own travel accessory house, Lug. $8 ea.,

It’s what the lovechild of a BlackBerry and an iPhone would look like. The VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC is a featherweight 8” laptop that does everything a handy wireless device should do, but with the functionality of a desktop PC. $999, 

This Samsonite “Hero” Upright suitcase was designed by Alexander McQueen, who took a mold of a male rib cage as inspiration for the piece. Roomy and robust, this statement luggage will guard your vital objects. $625,



 Everyone needs a little black book. The Moleskine City notebook series has custom guidebooks for 44 popular travel destinations from Rome to Stockholm. Inside the discreet tourist guide you’ll find maps, basic getting-around info, and little-known facts. The Moleskine touch: folders to tuck your mementos into and plenty of note-taking pages. $18,

The sporty, water-repellent Puddle Jumper is just the right catch-all for a no-fuss weekend getaway. It’s also a great bag-about-town, and the ventilated outer cargo pocket is ideal for spontaneous cheese shopping or stowing stinky gym shoes. Also doubles marvelously as a diaper bag. $75,


Meet the new video camera that everyone’s been going crazy for: the Flip Mino HD. It’s 3.3 ounces of one-button summertime fun. Cut together home videos on the road by plugging its handy USB arm directly into your laptop. $230,