Fashionista goes on mat leave

The Fashionista's identity has still to be revealed. And, Melissa will protect it her identity

By Melissa Kluger

On Thursday February 28th, 2008


Precedent’s Fashionista is going on mat leave. She has, of course, been on mat leave from her law job since the birth of her daughter almost three months ago. But now she’s taking a mat leave from the blog. We know you’ll be fine. Thanks to everyone for joining in on discussions regarding skinny jeans, lip gloss, and holiday gift giving.

(And just one point of clarification: I, Melissa Kluger, editor and publisher of Precedent Magazine, am NOT the Fashionista. Lately people have been congratulating me on the birth of my daughter and it has confused me (and my husband) to no end. It has been my responsibility to protect the anonymity of our Fashionista, but it is certainly not I who has brought you two years worth of fashion counsel. For that, you have the Fashionista to thank.)