BBQ, pancetta and DIY restaurant dishes // Edible Witness redux

A round-up of the best of Edible Witness

By Sara Chan

On Tuesday August 10th, 2010


OMGBBQSara’s on vacation, and will return in two weeks. Here are some great past editions of Edible Witness.

OMGBBQ (March 23, 2010): How many propane tanks have you been through this barbeque season? Sara’s first grilling dispatch dates back to early spring.

Pork is the new bread (February 9, 2010): An ode to the versatility and deliciousness of pancetta.

Try this at home (May 4, 2010): With a bit of confidence, basic supplies and some experimentation, you can replicate the meals served in your favourite restaurants.

Sara Chan is a newly called Toronto lawyer. Her favourite food group is pork. Sara’s column appears every other Tuesday here on