Summer feast edition // Edible Witness redux

Sara Chan offers a selection of her favourite summer recipes from previous columns

By Sara Chan

On Tuesday July 17th, 2012


photo by Loren SztajerDear readers: I’m taking a real vacation. A three week vacation, the variety of which, if all goes as planned, will allow me the rare luxury of forgetting I even have a job. I recommend you do the same.

In the meantime, here’s a round up of my favourite summer recipes from columns past, curated especially for you. 

Things to start you off right:

Things to do to your meat:

Things to drink, outside, without shoes:

Things to do with peaches, because they’re about to get amazing:

Sara Chan is a Toronto-based entertainment lawyer, food enthusiast, unprofessional home chef and even less professional food photographer. Her favourite food group is pork.

Photo by Loren Sztajer