Girl talk // Wednesday Roundup

A roundup of the top legal headlines from this week

By Claire Ward

On Wednesday April 8th, 2009


Every Wednesday the Globe and Mail runs its Law Page and the National Post runs its Legal Post page. Here are some of the highlights:

LAW PAGE (Globe and Mail)

  • After being told they are under review for potential closing, some partners at the Ottawa office of McCarthy Tétrault LLP have retained an employment lawyer and others are looking for new jobs. [Ed. note: Link no longer active]
  • Takeovers getting hostile: Pharmaceutical service company Patheon Inc. faces an any-port-in-a-storm scenario as their only potential buyers from New York make a low bid for takeover. [Ed. note: Link no longer active]

LEGAL POST (National Post)

  • Are firms that signed up for the Justicia Project just advertising their commitment to advancing women, without “securing any meaningful, substantive commitment to systemic and cultural change”? More than one partner thinks so. [Ed. note: Link no longer active]
  • How are firms accommodating women these days? Is the ‘pink ceiling’ still a prevalent problem? Women partners speak up. [Ed. note: Link no longer active]
  • Former top executive at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Andrew Bodnar, faces one year in jail after pleading guilty to lying about Apotex deal. [Ed. note: Link no longer active]
  • Windsor law firm Sutts, Strosberg welcomes Andrew Morganti, a former Milberg LLP (US class-action giant) lawyer who specializes in anti-trust and cartel cases. [Ed. note: Link no longer active]