Torys reno also builds art collection

The renovation and expanding art collection is all about branding for the law firm

By Graham F. Scott

On Monday December 10th, 2007


Today’s Globe and Mail takes a look inside the recently renovated Torys LLP offices on the 33rd floor of the TD Centre, and arts writer Sarah Milroy likes what she sees. The reno, designed by Marianne McKenna (she’s the “M” in KPMB, the hot Toronto architecture firm), incorporates two new commissioned artworks, building Torys’ fabled collection of contemporary Canadian art. Pascal Grandmaison‘s large-scale photographs of an androgynous figure stare enigmatically out from screens that slide out of the ceiling to subdivide the conference rooms; Robert Fones’s typographic works pair passages from Don Quixote with backdrops of water, referencing the view of Lake Ontario available nearby.

Naturally, it’s not just artsy-fartsy aesthetic appeal Torys is going for, here: this is about branding. “Torys has tended to have a fairly conservative reputation,” recruiter Deborah Dalfen is quoted. “We had some students in here a few weeks ago and I could see that this had an effect on them…. I think this marks us as having a more progressive culture.”