Toronto lawyer's online legal forms enter the Dragon's Den

This lawyer makes like a fairy tale and prepares to slay some dragons

By Todd Harrison

On Monday April 26th, 2010


Michael CarabashEver since we embedded a video he made last fall about the ubiquity of a certain case reporter, Michael Carabash has been peppering our inboxes here at Precedent with notes on what he’s been up to.

Rightly so; the website and online legal forms service he’s created has been generating lots of attention, and this fall he’s taking it to the dragons — of the television variety, that is. He’s been invited to pitch his idea on the hit CBC show Dragons’ Den during this fall’s new season of the series.

The latest edition of Lawyers Weekly reports that Carabash and his fiancé won over producers by performing a skit demonstrating the merits of his Legal Forms and Video Guides. While his venture falls in line with the move toward a paperless, online world, Carabash also sees it as an attempt to improve access to justice for those who fall through the cracks between legal aid and a legal budget.

That motivation, and careful study of the failings of the only lawyers to appear on the U.S. version of Dragons’ Den (Lawyers Weekly reports that Legal Grind, a coffee-and-consultation concept pitched on Shark Tank, was not a success), may net Carabash some investment in his business. In the meantime, you can be sure, he’ll be finding new and innovative ways to get his message out — to the legal community and beyond.