The house that Advocates helped build

An Ottawa family is getting a new home thanks to $80,000 in donations

By Todd Harrison

On Friday March 25th, 2011


houseA family in need has been given a new home, thanks in part to the fundraising efforts of The Advocates’ Society Gives Back, a new program initiated last year by then–newly elected TAS President Marie Henein. For the program’s inaugural project, TAS teamed up with Frontiers Foundation — a nonprofit organization supporting Canada’s aboriginal communities.

The house, in the Ottawa Valley’s Lanark Highlands, will be unveiled with a ceremony tomorrow afternoon that will serve as the exclamation point in an $80,000 fundraising campaign by TAS. Anchoring the effort was an online and in-person auction that featured members offering an outpouring of one-of-a-kind items and personal services,  and then bidding on them with what a press release about the project called “equal — and at times reckless — generosity.”

The president considers the campaign a huge success. “We were thrilled by the response,” Henein says. “Lawyers have traditionally been committed to helping out in their communities.”