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By Yvonne Bambrick

On Tuesday May 17th, 2011


What: The Bar Limited networking event
Where: Nicholas Metivier Gallery, 451 King St. W
When: Thursday May 12, 2011

The Ed Burtynsky photography exhibition currently featured at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery is exceptional. Those in attendance at this private networking event last week were provided both a detailed presentation by the gallerist about these works, as well as an insider’s how-to introduction to art collection by an art specialist.

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Although organizers expect that current members will invite like-minded colleagues to join, lawyers who wish to join as a result of reading this article are welcome to email and may well be sent an invitation!

Yvonne Bambrick is an urban cycling consultant, coordinator of the Kensington Market BIA and a Toronto-based event and portrait photographer.

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