Lerners LLP wine and chocolate 2010 // The Circuit

Younger women were inspired by the stories of women who have become legal trailblazers

By Chelsea Thomas

On Monday April 19th, 2010


What: Extraordinary Women’s Wine & Chocolate Extravaganza
Where: Lerners LLP
When: April 8, 2010

With a table full of mouth watering chocolates and wine standing by at the ready, what more could you ask for at an event? How about a mix of some of the most impressive and inspiring professional women in Toronto?

This annual event was a staunch reminder of the remarkable strides women have made in the legal realm, as well as in other professional fields. Rather than focussing on the delicious treats, women instead gathered throughout the room to share their stories and insights, leaving the younger of us with a bevy of female trailblazers to aspire to.

To see some of these amazing women, check out the slideshow above.

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