Precedent's winter 2009 issue

A sneak peek on what's coming up next

By Precedent

On Monday December 14th, 2009


Precedent Winter 2009All of the stories in the winter 2009 issue of Precedent are available online.

Our cover story, “O mother, where art thou?,” examines how taking parental leave affects a lawyer’s ability to excel, and what recent pro-family policy changes and proposals in the legal community will do to address the lack of women partners at Canadian firms.

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We’re also excited about our upcoming guest blogs. Once a week in December, lawyer and new mom Christina Litz will reflect on how life with her son, Archer, compares to her career as a lawyer, and FMC’s Melissa Ghislanzoni will take us to Botswana for a glimpse into her time spent volunteering through the Leave For Change program as a legal advisor in the rewriting of the constitution of the San people.