Precedent's spring issue on desks Thursday!

A sneak peek on what's coming up in the next issue

By Precedent

On Tuesday March 10th, 2009


Start eyeing the mailman, folks. Precedent‘s spring issue will be landing on your desk this Thursday. All articles and web extras will go live by the end of the week. Here are some stories to look out for:

  • Women are leaving private practice. We know, we know. Meet three who are swimming against the current.
  • Jessica Simpson’s pre-fat pants personal trainer analyzes the daily routines of a couple of Bay St. lawyers.
  • A lawyer couple with a houseful of kids live in a tropical (themed) oasis in Toronto’s west end.

Web exclusives:

  • See pictures of every mascara touch-up and wardrobe debate at our feature photoshoot (Warning: viewers may develop an irrational desire for Christian Louboutin heels.)
  • Secret Life lawyer Nick Devlin froze his glasses off in Antarctica so you could see pictures of baby penguins. Check out his slideshow.
  • Precedent‘s editorial staff got accidentally drunk, filmed it, and made a fuss over some bad, cheap wine.