Precedent ranks holiday cards

There are two winners for the best virtual Christmas cheer

By Claire Ward

On Thursday December 18th, 2008


Here at Precedent, the virtual mailroom has been flooded with Christmas cheer. As an ode to our holiday well-wishers and because we want to show off some of the more creative offerings in the bunch, we’ve ranked our top two.

  1. For its bold choice to prominently feature tie-dyed snowflakes, McCarthy T├ętrault gets top billing.
  2. For producing a slideshow that rouses the patriot within (evergreens, pond hockey, a glittering, rusty icebreaker…), Blakes steals a close second.

Forget to send your own holiday cards? Put an egg timer to 15 minutes and go to Some Ecards. Then put down the eggnog and step away from the keyboard before you start feeling cozy enough to send your ex-girlfriend a personalized card.

Did your firm send a better holiday card? Nominate it in our comments section below!