Precedent leads, legal mags follow

Even before launching, other legal magazines are feeling nervous

By Melissa Kluger

On Thursday October 18th, 2007


Looks like Precedent’s already shaking things up in the legal community. The folks at legal publisher CLB Media (publishers of Canadian Lawyer) are apparently so nervous about our launch that they’ve slapped together a “preview issue” of a new mag for young lawyers, rushed to press to launch concurrent with our first issue.

To be honest, we’re flattered that a little independent magazine like ours can get so many people riled up before we even launch.

In today’s National Post, writer Jim Middlemiss, a past editor of Canadian Lawyer who also wrote for Law Times, quotes his former boss and Canadian Lawyer publisher Karen Lorimer warmly as she describes their attempt to pre-empt Precedent’s launch. We were almost excited about Lorimer’s comments, until we realized they read like our own marketing copy from the preview issue we put out six months ago. But maybe that’s just us being “a little bit irreverent.”

At least they ran a nice shot of our premiere issue cover, hitting the streets October 19.