LaCalamita's lawsuit against McCarthys // Poll results

The results are in! Here's where you stand on this issue

By Todd Harrison

On Tuesday May 25th, 2010


pollPrecedent readers looked into their crystal balls, and determined that the Diane LaCalamita wrongful dismissal suit against McCarthys will be settled before a verdict is reached.

In our latest poll, we asked for outcome predictions on the high-profile case, and two thirds (67.4 percent) of respondents said that the two sides would settle. A further 22.6 percent of you guessed that McCarthys would win in court, and 10 percent banked on LaCalamita winning her case. Full results:

What will be the outcome of LaCalamita’s lawsuit against McCarthys?

  • 67.4 percent They’ll settle. (203 votes)
  • 22.6 percent It will go to trial, and McCarthys will win. (68)
  • 10 percent It will go to trial, and LaCalamita will win. (30)