Digital Ontario Reports // Poll results

We asked and you answered. Here are the results of the latest poll

By Todd Harrison

On Sunday April 18th, 2010


pollThe digest is dead; long live the e-digest.

That’s the prevailing mood of Precedent readers with regard to the new, online version of Ontario Reports — which replaced the print edition of the case reporter earlier this month. (You can opt in to receive the print edition, though.)

In our online poll, more than 60 percent of respondents said they were happy with the move to a digital edition. Full results:

How do you feel about the Ontario Reports going digital?

  • 64.7 percent Happy: This was long overdue. The trees will thank us. (55 votes)
  • 25.9 percent Sad: Digital just won’t be the same. I want it on my desk. (22)
  • 9.4 percent Indifferent: I don’t get worked up about case reporters (8)