Ontario Reports go digital

It could be the slow economy, or the viral video. Either way, the case reporter is entering the 21st century

By Melissa Kluger

On Monday March 29th, 2010


Members of the Law Society of Upper Canada received notice over the weekend that the paper edition of their weekly case reporter is about to be replaced by a digital publication. After more than a century in print, the Ontario Reports are taking it online. The email to Law Society members announced that, beginning in April, they will receive:

  • Immediate access to the full content of the latest Ontario Reports
  • The convenience of a digital report that looks identical to the printed version
  • An innovative format that is easy to read, navigate and search
  • Useful tools to share, link, bookmark and save articles Online access to searchable, archived issues

The message offered no reason for the sudden switch, though we could hazard a few guesses. The green leafy graphics on the mouse in the e-mail suggest concern for the environment. The decision might also be due to a desire to cut printing costs in a tough economic climate. Or maybe it was this video that went viral around Halloween.

The email was sent from ontarioreports@lexisnexis.ca. Legal publishing powerhouse Lexis Nexis distributes the Ontario Reports on behalf of the Law Society.

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