Law meets art

Law and art collide in one artist's exhibition down at the Harbourfront

By Claire Ward

On Wednesday April 15th, 2009


As we shuffle around the PATH in our greys and blacks, ever mindful of our blinking BlackBerries and the stress-inducing second hand on the wall of the food court, do we ever stop to think – Hey, this is the stuff of art! – and hustle on our merry ways? No, of course not. In fact, a lot of folks I talk to in the Bay St. circuit don’t find their work creatively inspiring and couldn’t pick up a paintbrush after work even if it were disguised as laser pointer. Well, no matter. It appears that the law has inspired at least one person to immortalize corporate and legal culture in the form of dynamic visual art. Her name is Carey Young, an internationally renowned UK artist, whose exhibition ‘Counter Offer’ is rooted in Young’s fascination in society’s growing litigiousness. Located down at the Harbourfront, this exhibition is worth seeing if only for the sake of getting out and seeing something new. We’d tell you more, but we haven’t seen it yet. Let us know if you do!

What: ‘Counter Offer’ exhibition by Carey Young
The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery at Harbourfront Centre, 231 Queens Quay West
until 18 May, 2009
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