Did LSUC Paralegal Regulation kill XCopper?

The firm is made up of paralegals who are also former police officers

By Graham F. Scott

On Monday June 2nd, 2008


XCopper logoWord came in today that XCopper Services Inc., the paralegal firm largely made up of ex-police officers who represent clients in traffic cases, has gone bankrupt and is going to close down. Reportedly, this leaves thousands of legal cases in limbo, and one former employee quoted by CBC speculates that some clients may find themselves convicted in their absence because their (now ex-) counsel won’t be showing up on their court dates.

CBC further speculates that XCopper may have gone belly up because of new regulations brought to bear on paralegals following their absorption into the Law Society of Upper Canada. XCopper hasn’t said publicly why it’s closing down, but it could be the first casualty of the new regulatory regime for paralegals.