Chunk, attorney at law

From camera to courtroom, child actors who became adult lawyers

By Todd Harrison

On Tuesday June 26th, 2012


Most lawyers would agree that there are numerous parallels between their jobs and acting (a fact that cast members of the recently wrapped Nightwood Theatre Lawyer Show can attest to personally). It may not surprise you, then, to learn that Josh Saviano, who played Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years, is now a lawyer. And Jeff Cohen, better known as Chunk from The Goonies, quit acting and turned to law, too.

A MovieTalk blog post titled “Child Actors Turned Adult Lawyers” details Saviano and Cohen’s journeys from camera to courtroom. Traces of Hollywood remain in their blood, though: Saviano’s commercial law practice at Morrison Cohen LLP in New York centres on “building, protecting, and exploiting celebrity and corporate brands”; while Cohen is a prominent L.A.-based entertainment lawyer.