Charges against Michael Bryant dropped

Allegations against him have also been proven incorrect

By Todd Harrison

On Tuesday May 25th, 2010


The charges against former Attorney General Michael Bryant have been withdrawn.

Prosecutor Richard Peck, who was brought in from B.C. due to the special circumstances surrounding Bryant’s status, said that the decision to drop the charges of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death was “mine and mine alone.”

Evidence emerged during the investigation that Darcy Allan Sheppard, the cyclist killed during an altercation with Bryant on Bloor Street West last August 31, had demonstrated what Peck called an “escalating cycle of aggressiveness toward motorists.” This manifested over several incidents leading up to the altercation with Bryant.

Forensic analysis determined that the allegation that Bryant made contact with the curb in an attempt to make Sheppard let go of his car proved incorrect.

A statement by Bryant is expected later today.

UPDATE: According to a tweet by Now Magazine, Michael Bryant left his press conference in a cab and said he probably “won’t b[e] driving [a] convertible again.”