A million Americans denied legal aid

Those seeking legal aid are turned away because of a lack of resources

By Todd Harrison

On Wednesday October 7th, 2009


LSC report 2009In a report released late last month, the U.S.-based Legal Services Corporation (LSC) revealed that half the people who approach the organization for legal aid are turned away due to lack of resources. This amounts to a “justice gap” of almost a million Americans.

“We must do more to close the justice gap and provide equal access to justice for all Americans, regardless of their economic status,” LSC President Helaine M. Barnett said in response to the report’s findings.

For us Canadians, it’s a familiar refrain; the legal aid boycott continues in Ontario despite a one-time injection of cash, and workable solutions to the problem are far from being realized.

Read the full report here [PDF, 2.4mb].