With special guests Rock Band // In camera

June 5, 2008

Lawyers left their inhibitions at the office and made some noise playing Rock Band at our launch party. Lawyers + plastic instruments + a few drinks = good times.

The measure of a man

June 3, 2008

Custom suits are no longer the domain of the rich, the obsess, or the abnormally shaped. You may never go back to off-the-rack

Party Lines

June 3, 2008

Rainmakers are a dime a dozen — at Fraser Milner, political engagement extends well beyond the top of the food chain. Lawyers at FMC trade legal briefs for campaign buttons and prove politics can be good for business.

Sweet success // My Secret Life

June 3, 2008

Department of Justice lawyer Arlo Litman tastes success

Heel thyself // Style & Error

June 3, 2008

The Fashionista needs to have a word with you. It’s about your shoes

From Bay Street to Barcelona // Discovery

June 3, 2008

Fairytale buildings, eclectic dining, and a culture partial to lounging offer a true change of pace

Get outside // How to

June 3, 2008

At the cottage, on a rugged adventure, or just running errands, the right gear will always help you meet your fresh air quota and still keep in touch with the office

Loft in translation // Going in House

June 3, 2008

Entertainment lawyer Stacey Mitsopulos recently traded condo fees for home ownership. With high ceilings, lots of light, and modern touches, her new home brings high-rise design down to ground level.

House Work // Best Practices

June 3, 2008

As counsel to Toronto Community Housing, John Fox traded Bay Street for Regent Park. He’s built a reputation — and a whole lot more

How quitting helps women // Opinion

June 3, 2008

Diversity policies are a nice idea, but if we really want to keep women in private practice it is profit that will drive the change.