Who is your role model? // The Circuit

We all have someone we look up to. Check out what some said

By Chelsea Thomas

On Friday June 11th, 2010

  • What: The Toronto Litigators’ Group “off the record” evening with Brian and Eddie Greenspan
  • Where: Rosewater Room
  • When: April 15, 2010
  • Question: Who is your role model?

photo by Chelsea Thomas
“My mother. She always encouraged me to challenge myself and pursue my dreams.”
Dina Maxwell, Baker & McKenzie LLP

“My mother. She is the strongest woman I know. The other role model in my professional life would be Adrian C. Lang of Stikeman Elliott.”
Sarah Nisker, Stikeman Elliott LLP


photo by Chelsea Thomas

“My role model is my mother because she is a strong woman with good values… and good genes.”
Trevor Shaw, Lerners LLP

“My dad is my role model because he is so hardworking and upstanding.”
Mark Coleman, Forbes Chochla LLP


photo by Chelsea Thomas
“Justice G. Arthur Martin, Q.C., one of the greatest criminal lawyers in the history of Canada.”
Earl J. Levy, Q.C., Earl J. Levy Q.C., Professional Corporation

“My role models and mentors have been Charles Dubin, G. Arthur Martin Q.C., Arthur Maloney, Q.C. and David Humphrey.”
Brian Greenspan, Greenspan Humphrey Lavine


Chelsea Thomas

“In this profession, my mentor is any lawyer who can survive and not die on his feet with a heart attack.”
Roots Gadhia, R. Roots Gadhia

“Roots Gadhia is my hero in law.”
Andrew Edgar, Defence Counsel


photo by Chelsea Thomas

“My role model is Colin Adams.”
Marco Sciarra, Hicks Block Adams LLP

“My role model is Christopher Hicks.”
Bella Petrouchinova, Hicks Block Adams LLP