What’s your dream job? // The Circuit

We asked lawyers gathered at the Queen and Beaver Public House for a Young Advocates’ Pub Night this question: "What’s your dream job? (Besides being a lawyer, of course!)"

By Chelsea Thomas

On Friday March 12th, 2010


What: Young Advocates’ Pub Night
Where: The Queen and Beaver Public House, Toronto
When: January 20, 2010
Question: What’s your dream job? (Besides being a lawyer, of course!)

Saba Ahmed and Frank Walwyn

“Off-Broadway producer and director.”
Saba Ahmad

“International food critic.”
Frank Walwyn, WeirFoulds LLP

Peter Henein, Paul Rand and Peter Aprile“Doing stand-up comedy.”
Peter Henein, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

“Working for Melissa Kluger.”
Paul Rand, RBC Law Group

“As boring and as terrible as it sounds, this is my dream job.”
Peter Aprile, Aprile Law

Ewa Krajewska and Adrian Lomaga

“I’d have a wine bar.”
Ewa Krajewska, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

“Growing flowers en masse and distributing them.”
Adrian Lomaga, Rachlin & Wolfson LLP